Forms & Templates

"Form" can be more than a four-letter word

Forms are the familiar method of exchanging information and making sure all the necessary details have been included: order forms, sign up forms, contact forms, sweepstakes forms, registration forms, membership forms, satisfaction surveys, service inquiries - let's face it, society requires forms.

If your business or organization needs new forms or to update something that you've been adding to for ages, let me help you make it logical, familiar, and simple. Regardless how much information you need to convey, I can make it better without busting your budget. Whether you need PDF fillable forms, Word forms, web forms or paper forms, I can make the process painless for you and less of a chore for those who use it.

Contact forms $35 (a couple days)

Simple registration and membership forms, donation forms $40 (a couple days)

PayPal button $25 and requires access to your PayPal account (a couple days)

Order and simple to moderate forms $100 (less than a week)

Order and complicated forms $200 (about a week)

Advise of your timing needs when you send in your inquiry.

Stop reinventing the wheel - embrace Templates

Do you find yourself drafting substantially similar documents and emails over and over? Let me help you make a template instead. Increase your productivity and reduce the tedium, all while ensuring that nothing is left unsaid.

I can turn your common documents into templates for Word, Excel, Outlook, Acrobat and OneNote and show you how to use them to full advantage.

One template $30

Four templates $100

Ten templates $250

Written instructions for your templates are included.

Personal installation and instruction $100 per hour

Inquire about time frame when you send in your inquiry.

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