About Rebecca

Hi, my name is Rebecca Ledford. I have been and done many things and I would like to share some of those skills with you and your business. I live and work in Buncombe County, North Carolina, which is in the Appalachian Mountains, and have been since I moved here to attend college. You can find out more about my professional history on my LinkedIn profile.

I'm offering these Business Services because I have come to that point in life where I feel my time is valuable, and life gets more expensive the farther you go. I like to help folks succeed, and look forward to helping you and your business or organization take the next step in your interaction with your customers, clients, members, or fans.

Am I the best at these things? Can I make the internet bow to my will? No. But I am quite good. My goal is to provide you what you need right now for an affordable price.

About Process

So, right now I'm just beginning to offer business services to strangers. The plan is for you to fill out the contact form, I'll email you with questions, instructions, and (if it appears I know what I'm going to be doing for you) an invoice. Once I have the information I need and the prepayment/deposit, I'll do the work we've agreed to and deliver the finished product upon final payment (if applicable).

Contact Me - Questions or Request Services

Ready to get started?

Terms - The Fine Print in Plain Language

Short version: let's deal honestly and fairly with each other. But, to cover the bases, as necessary in business:

  • I will do my best to meet your expectations and whatever promises I might make to you.

  • If I fail, we'll work it out. But my liability to you shall never exceed the money you've provided to me for that particular project.

  • If I feel you've dealt with me unfairly, I reserve the right to whatever remedies might be available to me under North Carolina law, which is the choice of law for any disputes.

  • I reserve the right to refuse or quit work on any project I find offensive. I should have this figured out before money changes hands, but if it has I'll refund you and we'll go our separate ways.

  • Once it is clear to me what level of service I'll be providing to you, I'll send you an invoice. Payment of all or a specified portion will be required before I begin work.

  • All estimated time frames are just estimates. If you have a deadline, let me know. If something delays me and I'm conscious, coherent, and on the grid, I'll let you know immediately. If I am unable to complete a project by your deadline and delay is unacceptable, I'll refund you. I will not overcommit, and I'll tell you if there is going to be any differences to the standard timeframe.

  • The information on this website does not constitute a contract, only our direct, unique written communications, the invoice(s) and payment thereof commit us to a business relationship.

  • Repeat clients may be graced with discounts on specific projects or overall. This is solely subject to my discretion.

  • Referrals are always appreciated, and if you like, I can respond in kind.

  • I make no guarantees of confidentiality or uniqueness. I won't share your business or organization's inner workings voluntarily, and I won't use your information elsewhere without your permission. But layouts, form designs, my tutorials, etc. that are are my intellectual property (or that of apps or services I use), and that is not conveyed to you, nor do you have exclusivity to it.

  • I reserve the right to display or link to forms and websites as items in my portfolio, but I will only do this if you are comfortable with it. I want happy clients.

  • I guarantee that what I provide to you will work at the time of delivery, or I'll fix it or refund you if I can't. However, I have no control over Microsoft, Adobe, or any other provider, host or platform we may use, or the internet standards as a whole. If something beyond my control changes and something breaks, let me know. I will do my best to fix it, but an update fee may be required - I'll let you know before I begin.

  • When in doubt, ask. I am not responsible for your assumptions.

  • The content of what I do for you belongs to you, and its completeness, accuracy, and representation are your responsibility.

  • If you resell my work without my express, written and compensated permission, I reserve the right to whatever remedies might be available to me under North Carolina law, which is the choice of law for any disputes. I take my intellectual property seriously.