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Every business needs a presence on the web.

Whether a Facebook page or a website, we all need a location that Google, Siri, Bing and others can provide to those seeking us out.

Websites don't need to be flashy, expensive, or large to be effective. I can help you determine how much of a presence you need and how to get that within your budget, quickly.

What you put your name on represents you.

Ever published an ad only to realize you misspelled your email address, used the wrong date, or forgot to include some key piece of information?

Do you receive comments on your posts or website pages about typos, homophones, grammatical errors?

I can help you put your best "face" on what you put your business name on. My editing services for businesses are inexpensive and fast.

Get the information you need in the format you need it.

Need a new form for customers, clients, job applicants, mailing lists?

Need to revamp a form you've been using for years to collect social media or other information?

I've been designing and redesigning forms for work for decades. I can help you make yours look simple, clean, and accessible in whatever format you choose. Whether a Google Form, a PDF form, Word or Excel, I can help you organize any amount of data.

Time is precious - stop wasting yours.

Creating a great looking web presence that is comfortable for your level of attention to it, attractive forms, efficient templates, and interacting with your customers, clients, members, fans in a professional and accessible way can make a world of difference in public perception and your enjoyment. If you want any or all of this, quickly, without a major commitment of your time and money, I can help.

Nothing beats experience.

For over 20 years I have been editing legal documents and correspondence, and before that, for three years I edited a technical reference publication. I have designed websites off and on since there was a publicly accessible internet. And for almost thirty years I have organized information and designed forms, summaries, exhibits, charts and other types of visual presentation of written information, for work and for fun (think character sheets for tabletop RPG).

Now I'm expanding my use of these skills beyond employers and hobbies. Let me help your business or organization be found and look its best, every time, every where.

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